The Family


Nazareth Rodriguez

Looking far more serious in his pictures than he ever is in real life, it’s our Papi in Charge, Nazareth Rodriguez!

πŸ† Quick, my favourite question: Your Worst Vice!

Naz: "When the Nachos come in, I'm going straight for the big hunk of melted cheese in the middle πŸ§€ πŸ§€ πŸ§€"

πŸ† I... Cannot *officially* condone that behaviour but who among us has not sinned with Nacho cheese?... Wow, you really do need context for that line.
With more agave themed tattoos that I know what to do with and a spark you can't put out, you can find Naz at @themezcalpapi


Sapho Pound St. Marie

Who said you can't take a North London girl East? Make way for Sapho Pound St. Marie!

πŸ† Quick! Most embarrassing moment!

Sapho: "I rarely get embarrassed, but honestly, probably my ex."

πŸ† Ding ding ding! Correct answer!
Bringing the drama, you can find Sapho at @papasaph & wrecking the dancefloor to very loud N*Sync outside The Duchess of Dalston


Shehzad Raj

From the Duchess' lips to your screens:
It's time for our next Family Spotlight starring our scribe, Shehzad Raj! Androgynous cryptid or a fancy typewriter? You decide!

πŸ† Quick, Advice for your younger self!

Shehzad: "Never question what you're capable of. Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can certainly burn it down in one."

πŸ† Always a matter of perspective and arson! πŸ”₯ On the junction between drama and revolution, you can find Shehzad at @highballhoodoo & The Duchess of Dalston, only on Kingsland Road.


Freyja Morum

With the name of a Valkyrie and biceps to match! Watch out for Freyja Morum!

πŸ† Quick! Advice you'd give your younger self!

Freyja: "Make sure you give your everything to all the opportunities that are presented to you, and always leave wherever you are lucky enough to find yourself better than when you walked in."

πŸ† Sage advice, that. With more colourful summery outfits and advice worth taking, you can find Freyja at @freyja_iola


Jules Combeau Williams

Fueled by tattoo ink and whisky, it’s Juliette Combeau Williams!

πŸ† Quick! Most likely to be found eating:

Juliette: "Bread and cheese! Bread and cheese, for ever and ever."

πŸ† Our own ray of sunshine, you can find Juliette at @julesintheplace


Sarah Ben Saoud

Sarah Ben Saoud: Vamp or bartender? You decide!

πŸ† Quick, favourite cocktail!

Sarah: "Mezcal Tommys! Went through such a hardcore phase over lockdown, I ended up with a camera down my throat to establish, no Sarah, you're not ill. You just have severe acid reflux from all the lime, you greedy bastard."

πŸ† Well. I suppose 'effervescent' is right. 😳Uncompromising with her cocktails and her frank discussions of intimate medical procedures, you can find Sarah at @bitlatetothepartysarah


Simone Messina

Our newest addition with hair coiffed for the gods! It's Simone Messina!

πŸ† Quick! Candy bar of choice!

Simone: "Never been to a candy bar to be honest, I prefer a cocktail bar."

πŸ† ... I don't think there's an emoji that can fully convey how I feel about that response. Puns galore, you can find Simone at @_sim1__